About Us

We are committed to directing romanian and international students towards high-quality educational courses at top universities across the UK.

We assist students and prospective students who are pursuing specific career preparations in their professional life. We enable  a broad spectrum of students to prepare  for a wide range of life pursuits, while fostering a passion and quest for knowledge.

The understanding of cultural values with a view of themselves as independent thinkers and life long learners, plus contributors to knowledge and service in an ever-changing world in the new millennium.

We are located in London which itself is the unique head quarters of a country which has been exporting education for two and half centuries. We remains at the forefront of student recruitment and consultancy services our faculty in all discipline use research and innovation to direct pupils to cater to their specific needs of higher education.

This is on account of our strategic alliances with various British Universities and highly trusted Colleges. Our Academic aim is to make a pathway to direct  students with quality education offers leveraging our  partners’ real time experience in latest technologies.

We has made a major commitment to academic excellence. It is in the process of introducing new courses and widening further opportunities in key programmes with even more universities across the UK.